Friday, 29 July 2016

Malaysian Horror Story : High School : The Characters


Atilia - A new teacher at James' Academy, who's a hopeless romantic with 'someone' who loves to play games and she will be facing a love demon.

Camile - A headmistress who hates her job and always angry, but she has other 'face'. She will be facing compassion demon

Preen - A student who always play pranks on others and love to jokes but behind that happiness, he's afraid of 'something' or 'someone'. He will be facing a fear demon.

Steffy - Fashionable MILF who's always have a thing for younger guys and will be facing a sex demon.

Isaac - An ultimate slut who loves sex with both guys and girls. A student and Preen's best friend. He will be facing a perfectionist demon.

Kylie - A teacher with a pale face, who's hiding a secret about herself, something from down below. She will be facing a choice demon.

Abe - School's gardener who loves to give flowers to everyone, but his heart belong to 'someone'. He will be facing a heartbreak demon.

Axl - An obsessed Britney Spears' fan and an art teacher who seems cool, but hiding a dark, dirty secret. He will be facing a addict demon.

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